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A little over 40 years ago I was born into a restaurant family. My mom and dad own and operate the restaurant to this day and it is the place where we grew up and held all of our family functions. I spent my childhood running around the kitchen and between the tables, my teenage years delivering food and waiting tables, my twenties bartending; yet, at all times my heartbelonged in the kitchen. In my thirties, I was fortunate to meet my wife, Jenn, who shares thesame passion for the food service industry as I do. Together we have run a restaurant and most recently we had a successful establishment on the Seaside Heights boardwalk. Amazingly, Superstorm Sandy, in just one night, destroyed both our family business and our home as well. But it did not destroy our spirit or passion for serving the public. What it did do was help us to reevaluate what was truly important to us and we have now ended up right here, in Toms River, with this wonderful business.

Our days are again packed from early morning to late in the afternoon providing families around our town the highest quality food that we can serve on a daily basis. We have lived here long enough to know what our neighbors and friends want and deserve from their local businesses…quality and loyalty coupled with a smile and a ‘how are you.’ And that is what we do. But if someone asks me what the best part of my day is, the response is simple…watching our two young children, Jayden and Julianna, walking between the tables, greeting the customers the same way I did 40 plus years ago.


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